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Prehistory park in Tarascon sur Ariège

Located in Bannat, a village near Tarascon sur Ariège, just 30 km from “La Marmotte” campsite, the Parc de la Préhistoire combines the dual concept of park and museum.

Its aim is to introduce the public to the daily life and art of prehistoric times. To do this, it deploys a museographic space and animation workshops. This major park, created in 1994 by the Ariège General Council, is one of the Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées.

visit to the prehistory park near the campsite in Ariège

Le Grand atelier du parc de la préhistoire

The 3,000 m2 museum space features life-size reproductions and objects characteristic of this exciting period of prehistory. You can visit the black room and part of the Clastres network in the Niaux cave, or the large frieze in the Marsoulas cave. Both are closed to the public for conservation reasons. The exhibition also features reproductions of major works of prehistoric art from the Ariège region, such as the “fawn to bird” drawing from the Mas d’Azil cave.

A film and models will support your knowledge during your visit.

The museographic space is a true interpretation center, where you can learn about cave art and its techniques.

This tour is accompanied by commentary from audio guides.

Prehistory Park: outdoor activities

The 13-hectare park is surrounded by lakes, waterfalls, cascades and trees, and offers a range of activities to give visitors an insight into the daily lives of prehistoric man. It’s all fun and educational.

  • The Magdalenian camp
  • The prehistoric camp (30min)
    Come and cut stone, light a fire and join the Cro-magnons
  • The buffalo cave (30min)
    Enter the depths of a cave to draw, using grease lamps and natural ochres.
  • The hunting workshop (30min)
    Experience the thrill of being a hunter with a thruster.
  • The archaeology workshop (1h)
    At last, go in search of the remains of men who lived 14,000 years ago… This workshop reproduces the archaeological soil of an excavation and allows you to understand the approach of archaeologists and their working methods.
visit to the prehistory park near the campsite
visit to the prehistory park


  • The labyrinth of sounds,
    In a labyrinth, three sound trails to “hear” the sounds emanating from the prehistoric world.
  • The trail of traces
    This trail is punctuated by the footprints of emblematic prehistoric animals. It’s up to you to find them, and recognize the animals of the Magdalenian period.
  • Gours and woods
    Stroll through the area known as Les Gours and follow the path of a stream, from reach to reach, through a narrow, winding gorge featuring rocks, pools and waterfalls…

A visit to the Grand Parc de la Préhistoire is the promise of a great day out, where young and old alike will experience a moment of emotion and fun. Take advantage of your stay at camping La Marmotte to visit this exceptional site.

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