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Orlu wolf house

Just 15 kms from your ” La Marmotte ” campsite, the Maison des Loups d’Orlu welcomes you from April to November to a seven-hectare park.

With 40,000 visitors a year, this park now ranks among the most famous in the Ariège region. Indeed, the Maison des Loups is designed to help you discover this magnificent animal, rehabilitating it in the eyes of the public through a better understanding of the species and its habits.

Several species of wolf live in the exceptional park: from Canada – from Europe – from Poland – from the Alaskan tundra – from the Arctic. Each has its own specific features. They are

in semi-liberty in vast enclosures, benefiting from an exceptional natural environment. You’ll be able to observe the animals from observation points (wooden towers) or from a tunnel of vision that takes you as close as possible to the pack, so that you can see the disparities and similarities between individuals and their behaviour in the wild.

+ more : The park is a private structure that receives no subsidies and can therefore decide on its operations independently. By visiting the park, you’re helping to keep it running smoothly. It is also your loyalty that has enabled the park to evolve since its creation.

In fact, since 1996, the Maison des Loups has been committed to developing the space for the well-being and comfort of the wolves. It has also been possible to bring in more animations to give visitors even more knowledge.

So in 1998, after the arrival of the Canadian wolves, the 3 little pigs domain was opened for the little ones. Then in 1999, three educational trails were created: botanical, tracking and ornithological, in parallel with the arrival of other wolves.

By 2011, thanks to the park’s success, Mr. Seguin’s farm had been created, trace workshops (molding animal footprints) and gold panning workshops (panning for gold) had been launched, the tunnel of vision had been built and even more wolves were welcomed into the park.

every year, the wolf house evolves for your pleasure.

wolf house near the campsite in Ariège

The barefoot trail opens up new sensations thanks to the different textures of the path.

A shaded terrace welcomes you for picnics on the banks of the Oriège. This auriferous river (which contains gold) has given its names to two downstream villages: Orlu and Orgeix.

This pleasant visit will allow you to discover the beauty of the surrounding countryside before returning to your mobile home at camping la marmotte.

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